Independent Society Surkhet (ISS) is the community based network organization committed for the empowerment of poor and marginalized people. The community groups and main committees of 10 VDCs of Surkhet district made Interdependent Society as the community based organization in 1999. There are 2011 general members from 138 community groups from different 10 VDCs. ISS has the the provision of general assembly comprising 50 members which elects the executive committee of 13 as the governing body of the organization. GA is the supreme body of the organization. The general assembly of ISS is selected by the community groups. Now there is the executive committee of 13 members with 3 females including Dalits, Janjaties and others. The general assembly approves the annual budget; long term/strategic plans and provides the guidence to the executive committee. Similarly, the executive committee of ISS involves in assessing the need of communities, prepare plans/programmes for the target people and monitor the progress. The executive committee develops and manages to implement different policies and procedures, establish good co-ordination among different stakeholders.



  • To run the activities,campagins for the reproductive health of women, HIV AIDs as well as basic health cure and preventions.

  • To conduct different activities for the holistic development of youths and children

  • To conduct different activities of the human rights, good governance, social inclusion, just peace

  • To run the right-based activities for the economic, social, cultural and political development of community women, dalits, ethnic groups, marginalized and minorities

  • To run activities of income generation, infrastructural development, skill oriented training for the improvement to the livelihood of marginalized people that are excluded from the opportunities through promoting the knowledge, skillshare and technologies and individual identities of the marginalized people.


Our Vision


ISS envisions the establishment of equitable, developed, just and interdependent society.

Our Mission


To increase the control of marginalized and disadvantaged communities over their lives through building the capacity of community people by sharing and mobilizing local as well as the external resources is the mission of Interdependent Society Surkhet.

Our Goals
  • Enhancement of sustainable livelihood

  • Increasing the accesses over public facilities/services

  • Promotion of human rights, peace and reconciliation

Key strategies
  • Problem analysis and identification.
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Resource Sharing
  • Network development and Advocacy
Target Group
  • Excluded people( HIV and Uterine prolapsed Infected  )
  • Women, adult, migrant worker
  • Marginalize community
  • Disaster affected people


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