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Namaste Everyone,

Interdependent Society Surkhet (ISS), was registered as a Community Based Network Organization in District Administration Office, Surkhet on Sept. 26, 1999 with active representatives of 138 communities of Ghatgaun, Chhapre, Taranga, Lekhparajul, Dahachaur, Neta, Rajena, Awalching, Matela and Ranibas with root concept that we have to develop our community ourselves. Since its establishment, Interdependent Society has been operating programs like income generation, improvement in nutrition, construction of physical infrastructure, reproduction health, empowerment and institutional development. I am very happy to express that our organization is reaching into 16 years due to continuous effort of community groups, main committee, executive committee, employees and partner organizations.

Interdependent Society has passed valuable times of 15 years of its establishment by gaining various types of experiences and achievements. We have prepared and presented strategic plan for up-coming five years (2015 - 2020) as a part of  five years strategic planning draft workshop project with the  direct participation of community group main committee, executive committee and employees in March - April 2015. We wish to express heartily gratitude towards ALL WE CAN UK for providing support for making this strategic plan and publication of booklet.

I would like to express thanks to Mr. Prem Maharjan, chief of Maitriya Collaboration Kathmandu, who provided tireless support during drafting five years strategic plan, operating workshop and preparing this booklet of Interdependent Society. I would like to express thanks to Sahakarmi Samaj for continuously supporting in institutional development since establishment of Interdependent Society. I would like to express sincere thanks to employees and colleagues of executive committee of Interdependent Society Surkhet for continuously supporting in this important journey. I think , this strategic planning will guide future activities of Interdependent Society and it will be useful for reference to other organizations and have also i expect that all partners, stakeholders, governmental , non-government organization, community group and root committees under Interdependent Society shall support us from their respective sides.


Bibek Kumar Shahi
Executive Manager,
Interdependent Society Surkhet 

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