Interdependent Society Surkhet (ISS), has partnered with various governmental, non-govermental agencies, stakeholders of society, social activists, and other peoples and organisations representing the different blocks of the society for the achievement of it's goals. It has become very effective and helpful to be partnering with those bodies, for our growth and work for social betterment and welfare.

Some of our partners are

  • Government agencies
  • Networks and federation organization
  • Civil society organization 
  • Political parties
  • Women Network
  • FM
  • Civil Society, Surkhet
  • District Child Protection Committee
  • Right to Food Network committee
  • District Leader Farmer Network

As a non-profit organisation we have our donors for funding our projects and activities. The information about our donors is as follows:

 Previous donors                                   Current Donor
UMN                                                         Sasthagat Bikasha Sanjal Lalitpur.
NSMP Nepal                                            All we can UK
GIZ Nepal                                                AFID UK
IRC                                                           Shakarmi Samaj Surkhet 

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