My eight years of pain

Uterine Prolapsed | Case Study No .2

Born in Achham ward no. 2. At the age of twelve Aite Kesera was married at Betan-5. She gave birth to her first child at the age of 15. Till now she has become pregnent 13 times . Now, she has three sons and two daughters. According to the ancient village traditional system, they were not allowed to touch the water of their houses after delivery (Up to 7 days). They have total rest at that time, after (7 days) they have to touch water. All works should be done by them. That’s why she had problem of back pain and lower abdominal pain after she had given the birth of first baby. She said that at first three times, about 3-4 months of baby was gone in wastage. After that I gave birth to 3 sons and two daughters. At that time there were no means of family planning so I gave birth to many children’s. I had no interest to give more births so I thought to quit it. I used herb (Inserted herbal stick inside uterus). I use this method four times. I had excessive bleeding that time. Because of poverty, my husband went to India to earn for living. I had to do all my household work. After the miscarriage of 4 days I was grinding the grain suddenly I felt something coming out in the mouth of vagina. In spite of my sickness, I had to do all my household works. I didn't share my problems to others. I kept this matter within my selves for 8 years. My problem was gradually increasing. I was unable to walk, had difficult in urination. In the meantime, my elder son and my husband came home. I shared my problems to husband. He told that I had might have problem of uterine prolapse. You should go to health center for treatment. We were not sure where to go for the treatment. One day Lekha Sharma, the staff of Interdependent Society came to Betan VDC. She shared that ISS helps the women who have uterine prolapse. On 23 Kartik me and my elder son went to ISS office. Then we went to hospital for treatment. On 27 Kartik 27 I did operation. Now I feel very relaxed. I feel much better than before. Now, I am very happy. This organization saved my life. I would like to thank the staff of Interdependent Society Surkhet. I appeal ISS to save all the women who have the problem of uterine prolapse.

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