New Change in a Group

Shabhey Community Group (CG)was formed in 2011 and 18 members of the groups are regularly participating in their monthly meeting. At the initial stage, this group was not more familiar with Interdependent Society Surkhet (ISS) and its goal and vision even though the group was formed by ISS. They have been conducting their regular meeting and saving & credit activities but they did not have capacity and skills of conducting meeting, writing minutes of the decisions and using saving and credit book.

Considering their need, the OSST project assigned Local Community Facilitator (LCF) to build their capacity. Once LCF regularly visited and facilitated the meeting on preparing meeting minutes and using saving and credit books, now the CG members are able to meeting minute and properly manage their saving and credit. Groups Chairperson said that they have monthly saving of rupees 50 per person and till now they have been able to collect the saving of Rs. 80000 in their group fund. Because of this saving amount CGs member are getting loan on 1% of NRs 100 per month before that they were taking loan interest 3 to 5 % of 100 per month and now they are get ride of this problem and any time they have money problem they are easily getting loan from Community group.

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