Struggle of Kalashi Devei

Uterine Prolapsed | Case Study No .1


Kalasi Devi B.K resident of Ghatgaun VDC, Surkhet is now 60-year-old. At the age of 27 years, she suffered from uterine prolapse. After 16 times of pregnancy she was able to give births to seven children’s. Her first child was born when she was 16 years and at the age of 40 she gave birth to her last child. When she had 4 daughters, she started to fall down her uterine. During her fourth delivery, she lived at CHOPADI. Her husband went to India for collection of food and earning a living. She cites “One day, animals were eating harvest and I went for put out the cow form harvest at time my uterine had felled”. At that time delivery was running on 12 days.  Now, she has 4 daughters and 3 sons. After uterine prolapsed, she cannot stop her child birth because her family want son so she was compelled to give three more births after uterine prolapsed.  She says “I know what happened to me, but I could not say to anyone”. Even to my husband, I could not say. When I had uterine, I could not eat, had to work hard and walk long distance. When I ate more and worked hard my uterine felled down. So many times I tried to say my husband, I could not say, I felt shy as well as afraid if my husband would marry again.

One day, I listened the ISS radio program and I meet ISS Local recourse person in Ghatgaun VDC. I told detail about the uterine prolapsed and its treatment to her. Three year before she received surgical treatment with the help of LRP. Now she joined in WNG and now Kalasi become a chair person of WGN. When she became chairperson, she advocated with the VDC and she allocated the small amount of budget for emergency fund as well as revolving fund. She said “till now 5 women having uterine prolapsed received the uterine treatment”.  She said this is my responsibility to aware peoples, and make sure they won’t get the same problem like us.  She said first I made aware and educated to my own family. Finally, she gave thanks to all, who helped us directly and indirectly.



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