The pain i faced : "Kokila Kumari Thapa"

Uterine Prolapsed | Case Study No .3

Kokila Kumari Thapa (Age:50) was married at the age of 18. Now she has 4 children’s; 1 daughter and 3 sons. At the age of 21 she gave birth to her first child. She faced the problem of uterus prolapse after that birth. She had to carry heavy loads during her pregnancy and after the delivery. She had her uterus prolapsed after 1 month of delivery. She didn't share her problem to other peoples.

One day we, the staff of ISS went to Betan. We found Kokila Thapa who was badly suffering from uterine prolapse. We talked with her about the effects and treatment of uterine prolapse but she did not listen our things. She refused to talk with us. After convincing her for a long time she finally accepts our advice. They knew that there is a camp of Uterus prolapse organized by Interdependent Society Surkhet. She went there. The staff of ISS told her to visit the hospital. She immediately went to ISS office with daughter in law and took advice from the staff and went to hospital. She did the surgery successfully.

Now she is very happy. She is active too. She says women who are facing the Uterus prolapse problem should rather visit the hospital and take consultations with ISS organization than remaining silent.” At last she thanked the staffs of ISS Surkhet.

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